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Weight Loss Testimonials

The No Sweatpants Diet saved my life. I read the book around the time I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, with 66 pounds to lose. I'd already been diagnosed with hypertension, but this diabetes diagnosis was almost too much to handle. I'd seen people with uncontrolled diabetes, and it's not pretty.

Even though I saw a professional medical counselor about how to handle diabetes, the thought of counting carbs and calories overwhelmed me. I didn't know how to handle it. But then I read this book and it all became clear. Food didn't have to have an emotional connection to my life. I used Ms. Meily's suggestion of the joining to track everything and I've now lost 52 of those pounds (in less than 6 months) with more energy than ever. My diabetes and hypertension meds have been cut in half, and eventually, at my next doctor's appointment, they should be gone.

We had to have an assessment for our insurance company, and for once in my adult life, I wasn't obese! I even had lower numbers on everything they checked, and won't have to pay as much in insurance this year.

I'm indebted to Ms. Meily for all she's done for me. She has literally saved my life. My doctor was really thrilled with my progress at my three-month checkup. Wait until he sees me with all the weight gone!

Markee Anderson

Speaker Testimonials

Review of Pam as a speaker:

I know Pam as 'Celebrant Pam' and have invited her to speak to my Death Midwifery students about her role as a celebrant...she is a wonderful speaker - bright, engaging, funny and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend Pam as a speaker and will definitely be hiring her in the future.

Rev. Olivia Rose Bareham
Sacred Crossings

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