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Pam Meily


Submit Requests for Motivational Speaking Engagements via email with event information, date/time and budget to:

Or phone "No Sweatpants Diet" directly at (818) 313-9009.

A DVD machine and screen should be made available for presentation. If not available, the DVD can be run through a computer attached to a projector.

Packet of original handouts will be emailed prior to presentation. Company will be responsible for printing additional copies of materials and participant handouts.

Books for each participant can be purchased prior to event.
Autographed books will be available after the event.

Pam Meily speaks about the following subjects:

Finding Your Mission
Weight Loss
No Sweatpants Diet
Pursuing a Healthy BMI
Life Dominoes – Having Your Life in Order
Recovery from the Past
Dealing with the Present
Planning for the Future
Eliminating Negatives
Building Positives
Expanding Your Support Team
Getting Organized
Goal Setting for Home & Career
Choosing Your Own Road

Finding Your Mission
Pursuing a Healthy BMI
Attire – No Sweatpants Diet
Life Dominoes – Having Your Life in Order
Gratitude for Your Job
Representing a Company with a Welcoming Voice
Customer Service Advocacy
Creating Repeat Customers
Creating Customer Loyalty
Creating Team Work
Positive Affirmations
Mission Boards
Refresh & Renew Your Spirit
Live for Today
Plan for Tomorrow

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